Fits Medium Hiker Crew F1001 - Coal

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Fits Medium Hiker Crew - Coal

The sock that started it all! The venerable Medium Hiker. If you like a little more cushioning all around your foot but don't want a really heavy sock, this is the sock for you. For years this sock has been the go-to sock for serious hikers who know the difference their socks can make day after day after day of hard hiking. It has seen duty on all the National trails and has been part of the best hikers' essential equipment since it was introduced more than five years ago.


  • Fits patented Full Contact Fit® hugs the contours of your foot and stays put so there are no loose socks to rub you the wrong way.
  • Complete coverage, high-impact cushioning around the entire foot.
  • Crew height rises just below the calf.
  • Nylon high-abrasion zones in the heel.
  • Super-fine Merino wool touching your entire foot.
  • Merino Wool 70%, Nylon 22%, Polyester 6%, Lycra 2%


  • FITS® Sock Size Small = Shoe Size 3½ - 5½ men's and 5 - 7 women's
  • FITS® Sock Size Medium = Shoe Size 6 - 8 men's and 7½ - 9½ women's
  • FITS® Sock Size Large = Shoe Size 8½ - 10 men's and 10 - 11½ women's
  • FITS® Sock Size Extra Large = Shoe Size 10½ - 12½ men's and 12 - 14 women's
  • FITS® Sock Size Double-Extra Large = 13 - 15½ men's and 14½ - 16½ women's