Redbud Suds Travel Shower Bar with Shoofah

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Calling all soggy soap haters, double-thumbed soap-droppers, shower neat-freaks, and everyone who's ever experienced a magnetic attraction between hair and their shower bar. Oh yeah, and everyone with long locks who wishes the bar would just lather faster already.

We've got a game changer for you.

Each set includes a Redbudsuds shower bar and a convenient shoofah.

Here's why we love our shower bar + shoofah sets so much:

  • fast. Get amazing lather in way less time using less soap.
  • easy. Use the strap to hang the bar on your wrist so you never drop it.
  • clean. When you're done, just hang the shower bar + shoofah to dry. No mess.

Pro tip: If you're traveling and have to pack the bar right after you've showered, simply wrap the set in a bandana or washcloth until you've reached your destination. You can also stash it in a zip-lock bag for ultra-lite traveling.


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