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Boundary Waters Portage Yoke Pads Clamp-on / 2 colors

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Boundary Waters Yoke Pads are hand made in Ely, MN and outfitter tested. helps make your canoe portages much more comforatble. Many users report these are the most comfortable pads they have ever used. Our BW Yoke Pads are made with water resistance cordura covering and two layers of foam. The foam layers consist of one soft layer for initial comfort and the second layer is more dense for added support.

The BW Yoke Pads Clamp-on for individual adjustments. They are the most popular style for installing and easy removal when transporting your canoe on top of your vehicle. Does not require yoke to be drilled.

These pads work best when your canoe yoke is flat such as an wood portage yoke or square metal tubing. Does not work well with round thwarts.

Template included for proper installation.


  • Cordura covering
  • 2 layers of foam for comfort and support
  • Plywood bottom with white plastic cover
  • Attatch to your yoke with Aluminum plate and wing-nuts


  • 3.75" wide x 8.25" long x 3.25" thick
  • 3.5" between mounting bolts
  • Aluminum
  • 1.94 pounds or 31.1 oz per set