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Voyageur Map #6

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Lakes On Map:

Some fo the finest wilderness areas within the BWCAW stretching up along the end of the Gunflint Trail

  • Saganaga Lake
  • Seagull Lake
  • Knife Lake
  • Brant Lake
  • Missing Link Lake
  • Magnetic Lake

Rivers On Map:

  • Cross River
  • Larch Creek
  • Granite River

Entry Points:

  • BWCAW canoe entry points 50, 51, 52, 54, 55, 57, and 80
  • Quetico canoe entry point 72
  • Hiking: Kekebabic Trai

Seagull Lake (Entry Point 54) and Saganaga Lake (Entry Point 55) are the two most popular starting points for trips into the BWCAW on Map 6; but Brant Lake (Entry Point 52), Missing Link Lake (Entry Point 51), the Cross River (Entry Point 50), and Larch Creek (Entry Point 80) are alternative canoe entry points. In addition, trips up the Granite River system starting at Magnetic Lake (Entry Point 57) are also shown in part on Map 6.

Notably, the Kekebabic Trail starts at the east side of Map 6 and extends across Map 6. Various cross country skiing trails are also shown.

The wilderness area at the end of the Gunflint Trail has some of the most fascinating natural history in all of North America. Not only does this landscape include a magnificent network of pristine lakes and exposures of glacial carved bedrock, but it also offers a living window into the effects of two of nature's most powerful forces: wind from an incredible 1999 storm and fire from subsequent forest fires. This combination of wind and fire will offer visitors in coming decades an excellent opportunity to observe changing, regenerating forest.

In addition, significant portions of these areas were not heavily impacted by the blowdown or subsequent fires, so visitors have an opportunity to effectively "travel through time" to view everything from new forest growing up out of mineral soils, to mature forests that have not been significantly impacted in many decades.

Waterproof paper, comes folded

Size:39" x 26.5"

Scale: 1:42,240 (1.5 inch = 1 mile)

The back of all Voyageur maps contains a large, detailed finder map including a thorough index of Boundary Waters lakes. In addition, information about navigation in the Boundary Waters, safety, rules & regulations, basic entry point information, hiking opportunities, winter activities, fishing, and sources for further information is provided.

The overview map is a great asset for trip planning, but has been simplified to an extent that it is not suitable for navigation. In addition, campsite locations are not as carefully reviewed as those shown on the detailed fronts of each Voyageur map.