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Voyageur Map #8

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Lakes On Map:

southeast BWCAW

  • Kawishiwi Lake
  • Sawbill Lake
  • Baker Lake
  • Hog Creek
  • Fraser Lake
  • Alice Lake
  • Thomas Lake
  • Boulder Lake

Rivers On Map:

  • Kawishiwi River
  • Perent River
  • Temperance River
  • Frost River
  • Louse River

Entry Points:

  • BWCAW canoe entry points 36, 37, 38 and 39

All lakes within the BWCAW on Map 8 are paddle only, with no motorized watercraft allowed at any time. As is often true in the BWCAW, the farther you travel from an entry point the fewer other paddles you will likely encounter, especially if you cross over large portages along the way.

In addition to excellent lakes, Map 8 offers some of the finest opportunities in the Boundary Waters to paddle beautiful slow moving, winding rivers: the Perent River in the southwest offers good one-way trips to Isabella Lake (on Map 7); the Kawishiwi River provides good travel in the northwest; the Temperance River in the southeast is beautiful; and both the Frost River and Louse River allow exceptional remote areas to explore. Both the Frost and Louse Rivers are significantly more challenging than the other rivers mentioned here.

On July 4th, 1999 a massive wind storm struck northern Minnesota, blowing down trees on nearly half a million acres of the Superior National Forest, including on about a third of the BWCAW.

Most damage occurred north and east of the areas shown on Map 8, but there was considerable blowdown in the northwest corner, around Fraser Lake, parts of Alice and Thomas Lakes, and in the Boulder Lake vicinity. During dry periods expect fires to be restricted or prohibited in areas of significant blowdown, and in the entire BWCAW when fire danger is particularly severe.

Waterproof paper, comes folded

Size:39" x 26.5"

Scale: 1:42,240 (1.5 inch = 1 mile)

The back of all Voyageur maps contains a large, detailed finder map including a thorough index of Boundary Waters lakes. In addition, information about navigation in the Boundary Waters, safety, rules & regulations, basic entry point information, hiking opportunities, winter activities, fishing, and sources for further information is provided.

The overview map is a great asset for trip planning, but has been simplified to an extent that it is not suitable for navigation. In addition, campsite locations are not as carefully reviewed as those shown on the detailed fronts of each Voyageur map.